05 May 2012

Things that are making me smile.

Beach babies:
Waikiki Aquarium for FHE:
 Wednesday are co-op days!  This was maybe the best week ever and I'll tell you why: mangoes, strawberries, cilantro, clementines...etc.
 Woke up to these "super spies" Thursday morning.  Ambrose made the lego guns and colored and cut out gold-star badges because he's Ambrose.
 That rare moment when three 2-year-olds play in perfect, silent harmony:
 Celebrating Boys Day with a traditional Japanese cake!  Ok, it was not a Japanese cake at all, but I did make everything from scratch and felt very cool about it all.
 A typical Saturday morning watching cartoons on Mom and Dad's bed and eating fruit-loops.
 Just two dapper boys before church one morning:
 He gets a big kick out of PB&J.  Clearly.
 I had to quickly capture Ambrose's fantastically awkward post-swim lesson hair for posterity.
 A standard PCC shot.
 Again, spy kids.  It was too quiet so I went to check on them and found Ambrose had fashioned some accessories and done their hair with LOTS of gel.
 Lychee.  YUM!
 MWF mornings are spent with my good buddy Asher on the bikepath.  We're always workin' on our fitness and whatnot.
Hope you enjoyed these random, everyday images from our life lately.  The end!


Emily said...

"I get to go to there!"
-Emily misquoting the immanent Liz Lemon

liko said...

i do enjoy them, second best thing to actually experiencing them with you!!