19 July 2012

A stupid problem to have.

Does anyone else feel like blogs are dead?

I really like the idea of having:

1. a space to record what my family does 
2. a place to keep little thoughts that I have or things that inspire me 
3. a way to show my loved ones who actually care what we are up to
4. a page to write on and maybe even get some feedback on my writing
5. a record for my kids to look back on since I don't keep a journal 

The other day Ambrose was saying a million funny things and I thought, "Awww remember when I used to keep track of these little gems?  I don't want to forget what he just said!"

And also I just like blogs.  I like having one and I like reading certain ones that have good writing, but not too much writing since I just check them here and there.  I love blogs with amazing pictures.  I  love blogs that give me ideas and make me want to be better or go out and do something creative or active.  I love blogs of dear friends and family-- especially the people I only see every once in a great while.

You wouldn't know it from the rapid rate I posted today, but I actually hate Facebook.  It's a time sucker.  I like it enough, but do not like reading the "newsfeed."  9 times out of 10 it's total crap.  My posts included of course.

Instagram is completely awesome, but I often want to know more or share more.  A blog is a good space for that.

But let's face it, we all post more to those places because people check those all day long and we want people to see what we are up to.  It's just the way it goes.  Who doesn't like people liking their kids, activities, dinners, and things that they've recently bought?  It's instant gratification and it's often beautiful.  I love it anyway.

So now 5 out of the 500 blogs I used to read still post.  In a way it's kind of nice and more efficient because you stay caught up in a shorter forum and in another way it's a little sad.

I think I will still blog.  I like it.  As I mentioned.

I'll blog for me and my kids and my family and friends who are far away and you can read too if you want.


Thomas said...

If there was a "like" button for this post I would click it. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜‰

melissa said...

yes i totally feel like blogs are dead too! except mine, which is why i feel like the 40-year-old lady who still wears 80s bangs and a perm and blue eyeshadow.

but on the other hand, i hardly ever read blogs anymore either. i use them more as a reference guide instead of a thing to "catch up" on. except for close friends, but none of them (ahem) blog very regularly anymore.

so i'm glad you're still here. atta you.

theycallmeair said...

yes, keep blogging! i love reading your posts(: plus, blogging is a million times better than facebook!

star said...

Yes, keep blogging!

We do it to document all the everyday stuff for ourselves and our family. Someday it will end up in blog books... if I can get my act together on that one.

Karina said...

hmmm...so maybe i'm really behind the times, but checking my friends' blogs is much preferred over FB (hate). and your blog is one of my favorites because your writing is so entertaining and you're so honest. keep blogging, please! and someday soon i'll update the last couple months of my life, just in case you ever read it. :)

B said...

I know I am sorry. I will blog more.

sjones said...

I am so glad to hear you say this (err, type it :0) I am on facebook far too much but I really do prefer blogs, they are much more personable.
PS. I found yours through Echo and her sister (my sis in-law) Boston :0)

lizzie said...

Amen and amen. And amen. You basically just wrote the stream of thought I've been having about blogs/facebook/instagram over the past week.

Glad to know we are still on the same page in life, generally speaking.

Mariko said...

Keep blogging. I will try. :)
I almost want to drop FB and just go straight for Instagram 100% but I just read Super Sad True Love Story (a futuristic modern version of Brave New World) and it's a little too close to reality how people in it are almost entirely visual and only post FB type updates in pictures and think it's weird when people "verbal." So I'm trying to stop the future from happening.
I'm so weird. You can ignore this comment. :)

Megan and Keli'i said...

Yep, dilemma. But I still blog because when I'm old, I won't print off a page off of Facebook or instagram about my kids and their childhood and my thoughts during those special moments. It's my journal. I won't do it otherwise. So I don't even care if no one reads mine anymore. I do it for me. And the babes. And maybe the husband and the grandparents too.

I quite enjoy yours. Please continue.

modestmuse said...

I love your blog. As for mine, I feel very conflicted and constricted about posting, because I can't at all be honest on there about how I feel day to day (I worry it could hurt me professionally). So I have been silent, and now I will try to resume blogging and keep it to benign topics and pics. :/

Carol Yuen said...

I would "like" this too if I could. I also would blog more but I keep getting distracted with Instagram! I try to blog but after reading your blog post, I will definitely try harder!!

echo said...

blog. please blog.
i will try better too.
i promise.
give me like 2 more weeks to hopefully unpack a few more boxes and i will try.
i hate that my blog is dead. i did actually like it. baby 3 kinda made my life busy, which seriously makes me wonder how blog moms, such as Design mom, do it. with 6 kids?!
also, instagram killed my blog. i get worried that people wont want to see my pics twice since i usually post the ones i like on IG. would it be redundant on a blog?
but i have been chastising myself for not documenting our move well enough. i will do better. starting now.

aerickson said...

I'll admit it. I blogstalk you. And, I like it. :) Keep it up!

Megan said...

But you must blog, if for nothing else than to make that ocean between us seem so much smaller. Additionally, there is adorable Robertson boy 3.0 on the way and I will need lots of pictures which anecdotes larger than an instagram picture would allow.

Thank you.

Also, I agree with you in many ways. I find myself irritated with all the big blogs I read and I check them less and less. I find it ironic that I started to blog around the time I also grew very tired of so many of them. I cared less about what they did and more about what I did. In other words, I became very self-absorbed. ; )

k.brewer said...

hahah I have to blog every day. My hard drive crashed on my work computer and I was like "ugh it's been 3 days since I've blogged, I am FAR behind." so I made Paul let me borrow his so I could catch up. You see every night I do finances then blog, then work its that important to me or at least so I think so. Every 3 months I print off a blog book from blurb because I have become obsessed with documenting our lives. Ever since I started printing them off I realize how much of the little details I want to remember and for them to remember too.

I don't journal, so this is my documentation. I am glad that you still blog because seriously there is like no one else who does and I get so excited to read friends blogs.