14 July 2012

We are home.

Well, I just put up all the good pictures we had on our camera of the Greatest Vacation Ever.  I capitalized that as if it's an official title because it is.

We are home and adjusting back to real life.  I felt strange after being gone for a month- like the proportions of my home weren't as I recalled and why was I being summoned to a Relief Society activity and asked about next semester and buying school supplies for my Kindergartener?  Shouldn't I be out in search of those plastic-y sugar cookies I have been craving from my youth, or floating in my parents pool, or contacting a long lost friend to meet us at the splash pad?


Anyway, the pictures that are blogged do not come even close to representing all we did, saw, loved ones we met up with...etc. but it's what we managed to get on our fancy camera.

I will get the Instagram pics up next!  As if you haven't already been assaulted by them via Facebook. Sorry, but they are too great to not document.

And now if you'll excuse me I have a syllabus to finish before I meet one of my new classes in two days.  Who says procrastination is just for college kids?  Pregnant teachers are just as guilty (can you hear me kicking and screaming, "I don't want my summer vacation to end! Nooooooo!")

Ok, bye.

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Marcus Lane said...

Oh I love all these updates. It looks like a perfect trip!!