14 July 2012

Laie Boyzzzz and Girls in Lehi, Utah.

Thomas grew-up with the coolest group around.  I had some great pals growing up, but I am amazed by his childhood running around the mountains behind Laie or creating mischief on the BYUH campus with a big group of crazy, but good-mannered kids.  I've said it once and I'll say it again: I want that for my boys.

Each time we come to Utah one of his friends is gracious enough to open their home to us and invite as many of the old gang as we can round up.  It's always a marvelous time!  Thanks Whitney for being the gracious host!

I should point out that Ambrose took these pictures.  HAHA!  Pretty good eh?  You should have seen the 400 pictures he took of that rock wall.... I did.  All 400 of them.

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melissa said...

haha. go ambrose. i'm gong to hire him for my next photograph-worthy event.