14 July 2012

Honestly the best friends a girl could ask for.

I'm a part of this not so secret club.  We have a blog called, "Let's be on to something." And "honestly" is in there somewhere - the web address I guess.  Anyway, when planning to get together with them Thomas and I constantly refer to them as the "honestly friends"... and honestly that's perfect because they are honestly the best people to have around.

They are the bookish types, which is my only real kinda friend.  It could stop there and I'd be pleased, but they are also nerdy/cool, into great music, hilariously witty, opinionated and respectful and kind and talented, and just good people to have in your corner.

Why don't we live closer?  It's a crime.  We didn't get all the girls out this time because of the distance, but we got darn close.

Here's a few photos Thomas took of the all-day gathering.  We were supposed to head out for church together... hence the fancy attire.  It's didn't pan out, but the path to where is paved with good intentions? Uh oh...


melissa said...

you didn't honestly think i wouldn't comment did you?

i kind of want to cry when i think about you guys.

B said...

I love you all lined up ready to skip church.