31 July 2012


Right now I am uploading all the pictures form our trip until now off of my phone and onto our computer.

This means that A LOT of photos will be up on my blog very soon.

Trip pictures.

And you already had to hear about our trip, but you didn't hear it all and may not want to so hurry and look the other way over the next day or so.  Or look over here because chances are you are in some of the pictures.  Whateves.

And then there will be pictures from life after the trip.  Is there life after a great trip?  Apparently.

Ok, you've been warned.

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Stephanie said...

Hi Stephanie...I love your blog and have been stalking it for a few yrs now :) I'm a Byuh alum ('03) and LOVE the photo you have in this post (IMG_5966) of the palm trees on campus so much that I want to hang it up in my new house. Not kidding. No other picture takes me back to that time like this one does! And I've searched through MANY photos! I noticed that it's copyrighted... do you mind if I download it..I will gladly pay you whatever you'd like- let me know :) Thanks! My email is Steffer777@aol.com