29 August 2012

Crack me up.

The boys and I were sitting around the table having an after-school snack today:

Me: "Boys you know what I love?"

Them: (chomping) "Hmmm?"

Me: "Being your Mama.  I love you guys so much and daddy too!"

Asher: "Tane-too (thank you) Mama."

Me: "You're welcome."

Ambrose: "And do you know why you love me the most?"

Me: (amused) "Why?"

Ambrose: (proud, self-assured smile on his face) "I'm creative!"

Me: (laughing really hard) "Ohhhhh, well I love you all the most."

Asher: "Tane-too Mama."

(Photo from Kailani's amazing party.  Way to go Sheila.  All the time friend.  Way to go.)


echo said...

oh ambrose, you creative little devil, you.

.Ang. said...

:) that is what i love about him too!!

And that little Asher brought back some wonderful memories of my little Tyken baby. That is exactly how he would talk.

You guys are great

B said...

I love how those boys really compliment each other, they are a great little duo.