26 August 2012

The growing Asher.

I don't call him Baby Child anymore, but he'll always be my baby.
 Can you believe he drew this?  It was a month or two or three ago, which makes it even more amazing.  I picked it up off the floor and thought, "Huh, Ambrose doesn't normally draw stuff like this." And then I said, "Ambrose when did you draw this?" He answered that he didn't... Asher did!  It was like learning that Thomas could secretly speak Cantonese all this time and I never knew it.  In other words, it was an awesome reveal.  Asher was so proud of himself!
 Look at those tasty little fingers:

 He's a pensive kid.  Cautious, pensive, and yet silly and impulsive all at once.
 And he prefers to swim by himself whenever we go to our friend's pool.  I nervously hover as near as he'll let me, but he screeches if I get too near.  Good thing he keeps that life-vest on!
I am so grateful for the wonderful time he is having at school.  He was potty-trained in less than a week with minimal incident.  He has a new attitude and is trying out a ton of new phrases and sayings and songs!  I love to hear him sing, sing, sing.  If I can't figure out what he's singing the hand motions he comes up with usually fill in the blanks for me.  His current favorites are, "I like to eat apples and bananas," "The wise man built his house upon the rock," and the Phineas and Ferb theme song... I'll let you guess which one he learned at school, church, and home...

It's a gift to understand your child more.  One I will never, ever take for granted!  He's so smart, this is something he just has to push through and there will be no stopping this boy!  I'm dying to understand all he has to say and I feel like it will happen sooner than we think!

 Oh and this is a picture he drew of me... pregnant.  Thanks son. :)
 He also invented a super handy way to bike and chalk all at once.  It's just not very safe....

I am amazed at how my boys just keep getting bigger, and sassier, and smarter, and how their little testimonies are developing, and how they manage to push all my buttons and melt my heart all at once.  This motherhood thing is never easy, but always a great ride!


echo said...

asher. you are going places. i can't wait to see you grow up.

Anna K. said...

Wow!! He is an artist!! And so so cute! I want to see you guys!!