26 August 2012

The growing Ambrose.

Familiar sights, familiar sounds, and the things that we do when we're hanging around.

Ambrose has been in Kindergarten for about three weeks now and he likes it just fine.  Some days he doesn't want to get ready and go and some days he comes home upset that a certain kid wouldn't let him play at recess and it breaks my heart.  Those stupid kids!  Why can't everyone just play with everyone?! :)

Most days though he enjoys getting through his homework and hugs his teacher before he leaves class and eats things he would never eat for me the one day a week I let him buy school lunch and tells me about a new friend he's made and sings a new song for me and feels super cool about riding his razor scooter to school and gives us an ear full about something he learned.

I take the good with the bad when it comes to school.  I don't know why it feels so strange to send my kids off for the day to be with other people I hardly know doing who knows what.  I know it is good for them, but I am still adjusting.  I am happy that he is having a good time with it and learning from the hard experiences too.

Our Ambrose Carl certainly is growing up.

1 comment:

echo said...

i miss you ambrose.
adelaide does too but so do i.