08 August 2012


We've been having some fun FHEs around here lately, which is a lot better than the times we never had it if you ask me.

Usually we go out and do something fun together like see a movie or the aquarium or beach, but I love it when we keep it at home too.

I've started trying to base the lessons on the Gospel Principles manual - it's a good way to get the basics down.  We of course adapt it for the kids attention spans and understanding.  It should also be noted that Asher does not listen to the lessons at all, but Ambrose is eating it up!  I am patient with the Ash- he'll get there.

Next I think we'll focus on Preach My Gospel.  We used that as newlyweds with Thomas' parents and it was great.


B said...

I have never read Preach My Gospel that is a great FHE idea, thanks

B said...

By the way are these robots becoming better readers? I feel like this word verification things on blog comments are getting increasingly difficult.

Stephanie said...

Yeah the word verification has become a total bummer! I comment like 85% less on everyone's blogs because of it.