09 August 2012


I have been having a great time teaching this Summer.  I got a little worn out at the end of Winter semester.  I think being sick and pregnant was the main problem.  This semester I am just PREGNANT in a major way, but not sick.  Also, my 201 class is super enthusiastic and into whatever we do so that makes things really fun.

It will be strange once September rolls around and I go down to teaching only Tuesdays from 5:20-8:20PM, but it is a very necessary change since baby boy arrives 2 months later!  Life is wonderful.


martin said...

don't you have an etsy shop?

Stephanie said...

Hey Marty- Yeah I did and I had a lot of fun putting it together and even made some awesome sales...etc. but once the first rush died down I realized I had to keep promoting it and I didn't. :) Once you don't use it for so many months the account goes inactive. I like the idea of starting it up again someday when I have more time to dedicate to it because it was a fun hobby for sure!