11 August 2012

Goodbye UY

Here's my final UY pictures.

This is from preschool graduation.  These two have been friends since they were born.  I just found it on my phone.
Here's some cute little UY kids at the beach.  Two little friends-since-birth types as well!
And here's the quiet, but nice dinner we had by the harbor in Waikiki right before the final Upstanding Youth show.  Thomas isn't one to ramble on and on anyway, but he was not exactly chatty this night.  I understood why.
Taking a good photo at a show on your cell phone is a losing battle, but I still love these photos and the good night they captured in a blur.  I sobbed during Silver Lining, blamed it on being pregnant, and then had my first bout of heartburn ever for the rest of the night.  I've had trouble with heartburn ever since.  I blame the end of UY. Thanks a lot guys! ;)
Ok, seriously though, one of the best shows ever in a very bittersweet way.  We love UY.
Here's a way better photo Aaron took with an actual camera- like a good one and everything:
Oh and speaking of pictures I stole off of Facebook - here's two our friend Corey took:

Memories- Oh that drummer and I.  And all the beers we drank that night..... (note to future children: No, those were not our beers.  I don't know who they belonged to.  Do not use this photo against us someday.  Why am I even including it here anyway?  Probably because it's so flattering of your dad and I think my hair looks pretty.  One of those two things is true.)


Thomas said...

It still looks like I'm sticking finger in that dinner picture. Also, your last paragraph reminds me of the phrase "Hope you have many years with zero fears, few tears, and plenty beers."(Quote attributed to S.Robertson, 2007)

echo said...

these UY posts are killing me.