04 August 2012

Three boys.

Two seconds after getting over the shock that I was having ANOTHER boy I felt elated.
We have boys.  We have a little boy bedroom, a million little boy toys, we own boy movies, we have boy clothes, and all of our baby things are of the boy variety.  We know what to do with little boys around here.
I have no clue what it's like to have a little girl.  It's probably not too different in some ways and completely and totally different in other ways.
I feel very content being a mother of sons.  I humor everyone who says, "Now you'll have to have one more to get your girl...." but really I feel like this is it for us.  Three boys.  Three beautiful boys.


k.brewer said...

yay, for boys and girls and being happy. Miss you guys!

modestmuse said...

I feel the same way about having another girl -- although I wasn't shocked at the news, as much as relieved! -- it's predictable and less "stuff" to invest in since I already have enough girl-themed baby accoutrements.