23 September 2012

Getting closer (and going crazy).

I'm down, but not out
throw some water on my face
let's make this count.

It's 5 more weeks
my order's in
I've made a plan
it's got to win.

Just stick with me
and I'll see this through

there's really nothing else to do.


Megan and Keli'i said...

I feel ya, friend. Those last few weeks, blah. BUT at least they DO come to an end and at least they are WAY worth it. So fun. Can't wait to meet the lil' man.

Thomas said...


.Ang. said...

I love you.

Megan said...

I believe as of yesterday you officially became my friend who is due next! It will be here so soon!

Emily said...

Love the poetry, keep it coming. Sometimes only poetry will do.

Anna K. said...

Stephanie I am very excited for your next little boy. Yay!!

Mariko said...

Giving birth really is like going in for the touchdown, isn't it?
Minus the dancing. Plus the pain.