16 September 2012

Sea star headpieces, set-design, pregnancy, bullies, sassy toddlers, terrific Thomas and stuff.

The sea stars arrived in the mail.  Now to figure out the right kind of glue to use.  I have opened the mail one too many times to find some little piece of jewelry I ordered in pieces because regular old hot glue gun was used.  It's not the end of the world because that's an easy fix, but I want to make this perfect if I am going to do it at all.

So there's that.

Oh and I got asked by my pal to design the set for the elementary school fall break play.  I have no idea what I am doing, but it's fun!  I get to go measure the stage tomorrow so I can give rough estimates to the assistant principal who is ordering all the colored butcher paper.  Colored butcher paper you guys.  This is gonna be awesome.  I'm also teaching the kids who signed up to make the set how to create a coconut tree, waves, surf boards, and a volcano.  Someone please hurry over here and teach me how to do it first so I can act all professional!

And, I have six more weeks of pregnancy.  I thought about this neglected blog of mine the other day and how Ambrose and Asher's pregnancies were so thoroughly reported on here.  This poor last baby boy has had two or three posts.  I blame Instagram once again.  It's just easier.  I will get those pictures together and blog them so this baby can see his pregnancy too someday when I am organized and print this blog.

My new Fall semester class seems great so far and I only go in once-a-week to teach, which sort of feels like zero-times-a-week, but with a paycheck so that is nice!

My Ambrose found himself in the middle of some big kids rough housing at school by accident and got shoved down on the ground and hit his head.  He was so scared he ran and locked himself in a bathroom stall and cried while his little buddy ran to tell a teacher.  He is totally OK now, but I was so upset!  He was apologized to by the rough kids and doesn't seem too bothered by it anymore, but those kinds of things make me want to keep him home forever.  I was contemplating just that when I realized that he was alive, totally fine, and had made it through something I would wish to shield him from with perfect resilience.  These are important experiences for us because my reaction plays a big role in how he feels about the situation and so we both learned a lot I think.  Me probably more than him.

Asher is driving us crazy!  School is almost too good for him to the point that he is kind of out of sorts as the weekend wears on.  If we are out at the beach or something he is ok.  At home though, just milling around and watching TV and playing with toys, he becomes impossible.  He and I are always ready for him to get back to his routine of learning activities, and regular naps, and structured schedule come Monday.  This kind of makes me sad, because I want home to be even more enriching for him, but I am pleased that school is where he soars too!  I need to figure out how to make our weekends just as profitable for him so we can all be happy.  This cranky, bored, sleepy Asher come Sunday is not working out for anyone.  My little boy is undeniably progressing in his speech and I couldn't ask for more so I am determined to figure out how to get around his weekend funk.

Thomas is still being his terrific, creative, hard working self and I love him for it because with my mood swings- someone has to be the stable one around here!  He takes care of all of us.  All the time.

I have been too impatient, too out of sorts and cranky, too pregnant in general lately, but everything is progressing as it should.  Six more weeks.  Six more weeks.  We can do it.


melissa said...

your boys! they're awesome. after leaving stake conference early yesterday, we're trying to figure out to to keep calvin's curiosity and constant activity on the cute side instead of the terror side. any suggestions?

when i told nate about ambrose being pushed, he was so sad because he got shoved down in the bathroom once by a 6th grader too! except he was also a 6th grader...haha. and look at him now!

B said...

I hope that you document your set design. maybe endlessly snapping a picture of everything goes against your desire to act professional but please find a way! Oh I've got it you can tell people it is for your portfolio.

Kids being mean to other kids really makes me sad. Poor Ambrose. I am glad he bounced back but I can't get over the picture of him locked in a stall crying. Poor little dude.