04 September 2012


Here's what I've had on my mind lately:

Source: 500px.com via Stephanie on Pinterest

I'm not sure what has been keeping me from making ANYTHING over the last almost year.  I can make a few guesses though.  I feel like I started out 2012 so strong!  I opened Across the Sea shop and had the most fun ever creating concepts and putting them into action.  I even sold stuff!

And then I realized that in order to maintain an etsy shop you had to keep on promoting yourself.

I am not good at promoting myself.

I hate felling like I am endlessly jumping up and down on facebook or twitter or wherever- waving my arms and shouting, "LOOK LOOK LOOK what I made!  You wanna buy it?!"

The funny thing is I hardly ever feel like anyone else does that, but I get so worried about if I am doing that.

So, I just let the shop fade away and die as a happy, distant memory.  I think that could have something to do with the end of me creating things.

I didn't need people to buy stuff to keep making it, but having the shop kind of felt that way.  I might bring it back someday and it'll be fun again I am sure.  I just need to figure out a good way to get the word out without feeling like I am screaming in everyone's faces.  Do you know what I mean?

And you know this old poster that has made it's way all around Pinterest?
Source: etsy.com via Stephanie on Pinterest

It's true but, this poster bugs me a little because sure people care-  don't be so defensive poster -it's just that everyone has a life.

People should make things because they have to.  

Because there is a piece of them screaming to get out!

Because they love it!

Because they have a point of view or they are figuring out their point of view one project at a time.

Because it makes life beautiful and worth living.

Because it's a whole lot better than the alternative.

I haven't made things in a long time because of a lot of reasons and I'm tired of it.  It's time to create!
Because I just have to in order to feel like me.  Because there's always something screaming to get out and it's not just this third-little-baby-child.  Because I absolutely and completely love it.  Because I am just starting to realize (duh) that I have a very relentless point of view.  Because it makes my life that I love even better!  Because it's a whole lot better than a life without seafoam hues, wool felt, watercolor, shells, anchors, and clean lines.

So it's time for a creative revolution on my part!  You may not even need it, but if you do too join me!

I hereby promise to have the next thing I make sound like this:

And look like this:

And feel like this:

And smell like this:

And taste like this:

Not literally, but you get it.  Sometimes you need to give yourself a little jolt of magic to get going.


Kuta said...

Love your ideas Stephanie! Can't wait to see what you come up with next.

echo said...

yup. yup. and yup.

Stephanie Bystrom said...

The desire to create. Yes, it's something you absolutely must do. Totally relating to that "waving hand in the air" thing trying to promote yourself. Ugh!
You didn't tell me you have an Etsy shop! Is it still up? Can I add you? Let's be Etsy friends!
Etsians Unite!!
Steph B.

.Ang. said...


This was just what I needed to hear and see and taste.

Henke Family said...

awesome thoughts. I think they have passed through every woman's/mom's head at some point.
I love seeing what you create!

Rachel said...

Beautiful! I support this revolution! I will create too.

sheila said...

k. next week...come over to my house and lets get crafting. for real

B said...

this was a lovely post. I know what you mean though about promoting, ugh. Happy Revolution. I can't wait to hear about what you do

liko said...

oh, i love that shell at her ear on your 'sound like this' photo. ;-)
i haven't been making time to create, either...BUT, the other day i took it upon myself to get my perfectionist, paranoid-it-wouldn't-come-out-perfect-so-i-didn't-quilt-it self off my butt and in front of my sewing machine to finally machine quilt that one i pieced together for Faith, oh, last year in March. and i quilted it. now i just need to do the binding!! so glad i did something because i've been having lots of epiphanies lately concerning my life, one of them being that creating lovely things makes me so happy. and i miss it when i'm not doing it. i think it's an inborn trait in us women. i crave creating loveliness. however imperfect it may turn out. AND i also have plans to make some cute beachy things with all my treasures just to give as gifts and whatnot, things i can work on when i have time, after i put my kids to bed and whatnot. no pressure, just enjoyment in the process.
anyways, that's all. and i love this post and i loved seeing your pretty face last night. xoxoxoxo

melissa said...

oh, you are articulate. i know what you mean about creating--but it's different for me. i don't think i can describe it succinctly, but i like hearing how it feels to you.


suzanne said...

Hey Steph, That was a very sweet thank you note you wrote me. I enjoyed thinking and writing about my parents for two years then my laptop got stolen so I had to redo part of the book that I hadn't saved... :( All in all it was a joy and I'm glad you got something valuable out of it. I know Mom tried to write their history, but that's akin to tooting your own horn--too tricky of a balance. Your note meant a lot to me!!! Good luck with baby boy #3!!! Love, Auntie S.

Brady and Rachel said...

My etsy shop died too. boo! I feel for you. I also am not one to promote myself much, so this post really hit me. It has been almost a year here too that I haven't made anything. Malia was born and my life got turned COMPLETELY upside down and flip flopped sideways, and twisted up. Or at least that is how I feel. I feel like I went from 3 kids to 6 or 7! and I haven't found even a second to make anything JUST FOR FUN! One day! Hopefully soon.