17 October 2012

3 brothers

My irresistible, captivating, squishy opening act!

My sweet, soft, awe-inspiring show stopper!
Sir Smiley

And now for my long-awaited, much-loved GRAND FINALE! The doctor says you're getting ready to join us and we can't wait to meet you little boy.  See you next week little one!


Megan said...

Cannot wait to see the Grand Finale! Although I secretly hope there will someday be an encore. I'll be thinking of you non-stop!

Stephanie said...

Love you <3 Thank you!

Melissa said...

Oh gosh, for a second I thought you'd had your baby already and I was so jealous! Not because I want to beat you there but because I was jealous you got to meet your little guy already. Probably sometime next week for both of us- it doesn't look like anything is happening before my due date on Friday for me.....

Nate and Julie said...

So, so excited for you! Good luck!

echo said...

i want to eat those cheeks.
it makes me extremely sad, extremely sad, to think that jonah will not know me. i cry just thinking about it.
i love your boys so much
i love you so much.
i can't wait till next week when i will get to see some pictures of my little man.
good luck mama, you will do great!

Anna K. said...

Yay I can't wait!! At first I was tricked and I thought he was already here. Your boys are definitely the cutest.