14 October 2012

Coming right up!

Today I made our monthly family calendar.  I know there is a faster, more streamlined way to make it every time I do, but there is something about drawing it out and penciling in some of the same activities month after month that organizes my brain for me and just makes sense.  I look at it every time I have to schedule an appointment over the phone or figure out how I will fit something into the rigors of life to get it done-- even if it seems obvious, I'm glad the same old activities are on there.

Like, do I really need to write that the boys go to school at 7:50am and return at 2:15pm every week day?  (OH! Except for Wednesdays when they get home at 1!) Apparently, because the week that I didn't I scheduled an appointment at an impossible time all the way in Honolulu and had to frantically arrange for someone to pick Ambrose up from school because Asher and I had to get back after school was out and oh, yeah, I guess Asher had to miss a lot of school now that day.... see what I mean? It works for me and so I no longer mess with it.

I also put everything in my phone.  If I have it in two places I can't fail right?  Anyway.

Today I made the schedule and realized this baby is coming and soon.  In 11 days to be exact.  I will teach my class two more times.  I will go to church one more time after today.  I will be at one more soccer game.  I will have two more grueling laundry days of carrying a basket up and down the stairs as it smashes into a protesting baby-filled stomach.  I will .... well you get the idea.  It's coming right up!  Ambrose even made a cool paper chain.  I hope he's not too disappointed when the due date is here and maybe the baby is not yet.  I never go early.  Why would this one be any different?

I am ready.  In so many ways this has not been the worst pregnancy you hear about in all of those scary stories people love to tell, but for me it has been the hardest one yet.  I will spare you the way too intimate details, but let's just say it has been painful and long and very humbling.  I look forward to moving without pain again and I look forward to simple things, like putting on pants and rolling over and walking without measuring it all with heavy breathing and sharp pain.

What will this new little one be like?  Will he look like Ambrose or Asher or will I finally have a child that looks anything like me?  I am so happy he will be ours and we will be complete once he is safely in my arms.  Can't wait can't wait can't wait!


Brittany said...

Stephanie- I cannot wait either!! I wish I was having a baby in a couple weeks... How fun:). I hope he looks like our family just to see what that is like! But a clone of either of your boys would be perfect too. Good luck these next couple weeks!

Henke Family said...

yay! almost there!

Also, I had the strangest dream last night that you, Ambrose and Asher came to our house to play. While we were waiting for Echo and her kids to show up I made you all hot chocolate in our crazy mugs and the kids watched Thomas the train. Weird huh?! I have never even met you face to face and yet here I am having a dream about you guys. :) (Maybe because I feel like I know you so well through FB blog and Echo.)
We must meet ...someday. :)

Matt and Ness said...

Yay for babies! Good luck, cousin!