16 November 2012

Halloween Happened.

Hey Thanksgiving is next week so maybe I should document Halloween real fast yeah?

Ambrose wavered for months leading up to Halloween- one idea to the next- but the most frequent idea was dracula so that's what we went with. Asher was pretty firm. He wanted to be a pumpkin no matter how hard it was for us to find a pumpkin costume that wasn't intended for a dog or infant. Thomas came through in the end and found a brand new pumpkin costume at Savers right before Halloween! Atta Thomas. Jonah just had festive pants.

 I was kind of worried about the face paint at school all day when Halloween rolled around so I didn't mind at all when Ambrose asked if he could wear his Woody costume from Preschool to the Kindergarten parade. Yes, do it. Good idea. Thanks David Yuen for the action shot!
And just because I have an unhealthy obsession with my baby- here are some pictures from that week of his life. Awwww.


Ashley C said...

Your boys are so cute! I love Jonah's sweet little face. Such a doll!

echo said...

i love his open eyes.