15 November 2012

Delicious Jonah Facts

Here are some photos from Jonah's first week of life. He is a very sweet baby. As you can see.

He was even thoughtful enough to bring Ambrose and Asher a present. Craft supplies to be exact.
The bald headed brothers took to him right away. They always want to kiss him or hug him or in Asher's case- lay on him and smash him.

For the first week or so Jonah and I were so happy to finally be hanging out that we did nothing but hold each other. It was glorious. He loves to sleep with his soft, fuzzy head tucked right under my chin and even though it nearly chokes me sometimes, I love it. He just scoots and scoots his bum up until that sweet baby head of his is safely under my chin and then he lets out a contented sigh and falls fast asleep. Heaven.

Another fun fact: When Jonah was just four days old we had to evacuate for a tsunami warning. This is becoming a yearly tradition and although there is never a good time to have a tsunami hit your island- the threat always seems to come when I have a little baby with a cold (Asher- three evacuations ago), or when both boys are running a fever and vomiting (two evacuations ago), or when I have a four day old infant who still needs his circumcision and umbilical cord taken care of each diaper change (this time, duh). I remember I was nursing Jonah when Thomas told me we would have to evacuate to the temple parking lot with the rest of the town and I just started crying. Thomas quickly recognized the flow of hormone induced tears and said, "Well the Townhouses are a safe zone so maybe we could go there?" I was on the phone with my good friend Emily Bradshaw within seconds and we were safely nestled in her house (pictured below) an hour later. Snug as three little bugs. I am always so relieved we are spared from serious tsunami damage each time, and worried we won't be so lucky the next. Good thing we are always prepared and have good friends to keep us dry and safe.
A few more scattered Jonah facts: He is getting better and better each night about letting me sleep too. One night I had a 5.5 hour stretch! It was awesome.

I call him stupid things like: Monchichi, JoJo, Mister-Mister and other eye-roll inducing terms of confusing endearment.

I am crazy paranoid that he will get sick and so I keep him indoors all the time. Like, I don't go anywhere and if I do-- I do it quick and leave him with Linda or Thomas or my mom when she was here. I will breathe a little easier when he turns 2 months and has his Pertussis vaccination.

He still has a ton of thick, dark hair and I don't know if he will keep it, but we love it!

He takes bottles easily so we usually give him one of pumped milk from me or formula at bedtime to see if it will hold him off a little because he is the hungriest hippo I've ever met.

He is precious, sweet, sweet, and did I mention precious? I am madly in love. I'm glad that he and I get special, quiet, bonding time together each day when the boys are at school. It feels sacred and whenever Asher or Ambrose have to stay home sick I am happy to take care of them, but always a little sad that I can't hold Jonah all day and rub my lips in his soft hair and sniff him for six uninterrupted hours.

We are crazy about our Jonah!


melissa said...

i love that neck snuggle! calvin would ONLY sleep like that for a long time. but it's cool cuz it's cool.

i'm glad you got a big block of sleep at least once. it can be monumental!

xxooxxooxxoo (those are for jonah) (ok and for you)

Brady and Rachel said...

I completely understand the paranoia (sp?) about getting to the 2 month mark. I was the same way this time around with Malia. She didn't go anywhere for 2 full months! I know some thought I was crazy considering I was so nervous and it was my 4th child (might as well been my first), but I didn't care. The two month mark and that dr. appt brings some relief. It didn't help that when she was born Oregon was one of the top 3 states for Pertusis, and Washington had just declared it an epidemic just north of us. Hang in there friend! :)