13 November 2012

Relearning baby.

Asher was a baby three years and some odd months ago and not too much time has passed since then, but I feel like I am starting over this time around.

And I am only 28 and that's not that old, but I feel like everything is more rickety and harder this time around as far as my poor body is concerned. Everything is sore and I am so exhausted.

The good news? I have been through this twice already so almost everything else is so easy this time around.

I know how to take care of a baby and Thomas does too. We are an excellent team!

When I'm so sleepy that I can't make sense of the world he sends me to bed and takes the baby in another room so I don't have to worry. He feeds him a bottle and runs the house and makes calls for work and feeds everyone dinner and loads the dishes without batting an eyelash. Thomas of five years ago wouldn't have been able to handle all that.

When everyone needs me and baby just wants to eat and eat and eat and I have a work deadline and phone calls to return and church calling stuff to attend to all at the same time I prioritize and multitask and cut myself some slack. Stephanie of five years ago wouldn't have been able to handle all that.

So, yes, we are older and sleepier and more rickety, but we are wiser. Much much wiser.

I've definitely shed tears and we've all lost our patience, but this transition over the last three weeks has mostly been a sleepy, happy blur. The kids are gorgeous and healthy, we are all in love, and things are moving right along.

Oh yeah, and Grandma Hawkins came for a week and cleaned and cooked and ran the ship while I had mastitis and saved the day so that helps too! :) We love you Grandma!

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k.brewer said...

My gosh, my second kid totally rocked my world so much that I don't think I can handle a third or forth as planned. You seem to have it all together. Jonah is the cutest little babe ever. And that Thomas well he's awesome. I am sure glad those laie boys are amazing.