23 November 2012

Thanksgiving goals progress report!

Usually I am very good at blogging goals, but not really great at following-up with if I actually accomplished them so here goes:

Grandma made adorable place cards with the boys in the morning, the turkey baked in the imu, I made way too many pies and the kind of mashed potatoes that are so good you can only make them once a year or your heart will stop, the Plickas joined us, we went for a long bike ride/playground fest after, everyone brought special/tasty dishes to the table, we laughed and Asher frowned a time or two, and we enjoyed being together. Thanksgiving 2012 was everything I hoped it would be. And I am thankful for that. Oh and thankful that Emily took these photos on her phone since I didn't take ANY. THANKS EM!

And, in the interest of full disclosure, I cut out the fall leaves for the fall leaves garland, but never sewed them together so I guess I am just really early for next year right? Anyone? Anyone? No one want to chime in here? Ok, don't worry I've got this guys: way to go me........

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