30 November 2012

Looking ahead makes me tired.

This cute little face keeps me up a lot at night. I wonder how long I can go before crashing? I am not even sure how much sleep I get collectively at night. At like 3:30AM last night I solemnly declared to myself, (Or maybe out loud to Thomas and Jonah as well? It's all a blur at this point.) that I should actually try and sleep when he sleeps any chance I get like everyone says, but that is clearly not going to happen. Maybe I'll just shoot for at least one nap a day.

And this weekend is FULL to the brim and when I think about all the fun we will have it's exciting, but I also just want to skip it entirely.

I bought a ticket to see the musical Wicked in Honolulu a very long time ago. Like, before I was pregnant and had any idea I would have a five-week-old the night of the performance. All year long I've gone back and forth on whether I should go or not and Thomas keeps saying I should just do it and so I am going.

So I will be out late tonight and then up all night, but it will be fun to finally see this musical I have heard so much about.

Saturday night we have Thomas' company holiday party and Sunday is Jonah's blessing.

All good things and I am excited for all of them, but tired.

There's no neat wrap-up on this post. I could try and think of one, but I'm too tired.

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Nate and Julie said...

Keep your head up, you're doing great. But then put your head down on your pillow and take a nap! I'm excited for you to see Wicked not only because it is a great show but because I too bought tickets to see Wicked before my baby was born. I thought it would be no big deal to leave my firstborn with a babysitter for several hours at 2 months. Luckily she was in capable hands and the show was captivating enough to take my mind off the worry. Just plan on taking a couple naps tomorrow. It will all be worth it. Have fun!