02 December 2012

Blessed baby.

Today was a wonderful day. Thomas gave Jonah Kimball Robertson a name and a blessing at Church surrounded by his Grandpa Dale, the bishopric and some loving "uncles": Josh Kauwe, Chris Slade, Keoni Rich, Adam and Aaron Eskaran, Mike Gniewosz, Joe Plicka, and Dan Bradshaw. Am I missing anyone? Anyway, we had all the band who still live here present (we missed you Allreds!) too and the Millers so it was an amazing day. Thomas did a nice job with a very heartfelt blessing. I remember him blessing Jonah with the ability to follow good examples around him and I liked that. We always want our kids to lead, but it is also important that everyone can recognize good people to follow and be able to, in fact, follow them.

After the blessing we came back to the house for lunch with all the visitors who came to show Jonah love today and that was so fun for me because I loved having all these people in the same room at the same time! I need to dream up more reasons to get them all back more often. What a great day for Jonah and our family with great loved ones. We are blessed.


Marcus Lane said...

Looks like the perfect day cousin! Congrats!

liko said...

i feel blessed to have been there, friend.

Anonymous said...

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