18 December 2012

Jonah at one month.

Jonah turned one month like three weeks ago and I have been meaning to post this one month shot since then.

That well-intended lag in time sums up my life with three kids pretty well.

As I type this Ambrose and Asher are playing/fighting/playing...etc. and Jonah will be content on the bed alone for about another minute so I better type fast. 

I am ignoring the laundry to type this.

It's almost lunch time so I have to think about feeding the troops before meltdowns happen and I'm avoiding that to type this too.

(What's become of my life? I used to just be a selfish youngest child who did what ever she wanted! hahaha)

I used to blog at night when the boys were asleep, but I have a snuggle buddy who requires a lot of feeding at night now. And it's not Thomas. Sorry for the awkward clarification, but I just know some of you weirdos were wondering. :)

So, yes, I am just about as busy as I thought I would be with three kids. Busy busy busy.

But it's not bad. I can handle it. (I think I can I think I can I think I can.) The boys are healthy for the most part, sweet for the most part, hilarious, smart, surprisingly helpful, rascally (Asher), needing a lot of structure/instruction/activities over this long Winter break from school (Ambrose), and most of all very very hungry (Jonah) (ok all of them).

See you in another three weeks with the 2 months photo! (So optimistic!)

(Side note- Jonah started screaming while I was typing this and now Ambrose is snuggled up to him on the bed trying to get him to take a pacifier singing, "You'e such a sweet boy. You're such a good boy. I love you brother." And this, ladies and gentlemen, is what makes this hectic time so very sweet.)

Jonah's 1-month stats:

*10lbs. 1 oz
*24.5 inches long
*loves to turn his head to the left so we're working on getting it to the right more often too
*still has a full head of dark fuzzy hair
*wakes up twice in the night for a big meal
*loves to sleep with Mama but will sleep the first stretch of the night in his crib and the last stretch in the swing
*takes a 2oz bottle each night before bed of formula or mama's milk
*already seems entertained by his lively brothers

Mama stats:

*I have 25lbs to lose. Still. Must find time to run! (My silver bullet in weight loss.)
*Mama goal: Show more patience. With EVERYONE.


Ashley said...

What a great picture! I want to see all of you!

BethAnn Jones said...

He is a darling baby as are the two brothers. Life is busy with three. I think you can handle it....one day at a time.

echo said...

as soon as you work out the patience thing, let me know. i don't even come close to anything resembling patient. except maybe being a patient at a mental hospital. hehe. get it?
lame i know, but admit it. you miss me.

echo said...

oh and i love you jonah, asher and ambrose.

sheila said...

What a great update. And just so you know, you are an amazing mom. Anyone with over 2 kids is amazing (let alone, all boys).