11 January 2013

Asher the super citizen!

The preschool class waits half the year to start doing super citizen so the kids can watch the big kids and be ready and Mr. Ash was ready! He was so pleased to be the super citizen for his class this month and I know it's silly to be emotional about it all, but I totally teared up and was so proud of my little buddy! He works hard at school learning to articulate his words, get along with friends, write his name, do his classroom chores, and follow the routine each day. I know he's stubborn and sometimes painfully shy, but I also know that he is that way a lot of the time because of his communication barrier.

I get so worried that people will not give him a fair chance because they don't understand what he is saying and not see him like they would see a normal three-year-old, which would be a shame because he is so smart and wonderful!

Today was a day for him to shine and feel special for being the great kid he is! I love this picture of him and his teacher, Ms. Kaluhiokalani or "Aunty Ku'u" (Daddy Tutu is what it sounds like when Asher says it!). We are so grateful for her and all the great people at Laie Elementary!

Next week a speech therapist friend of mine is going to start working with him afterschool twice a week for half an hour each session and starting tomorrow we are having 6 friends who are Asher's age over for a couple hours each Saturday. I am calling it Asher's Adventure Club! I just want to give him every chance to get different opportunities to practice speaking clearly and to succeed! Someday we'll understand everything that he says and we'll look back at this time and know we gave him all we had and got through it! He is amazing and teaches me so much. I am so happy to be Asher's mom!

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Shantel Jones said...

This made me tear up a bit! My 3 year old has speech issues and I could relate very well. Oh and thank you for writing about it; it was your blog that inspired me to finally get my son evaluated for speech therapy (I think I was in denial before that) he qualified hands down and I am so thankful we are working on his/our communication!