14 January 2013

Coordinating activities left and right!

I think I missed my calling in life as a preschool teacher, because I have been having a lot of fun planning out the fun things Asher and his buddies are going to do each Saturday when they come over for adventure club! Asher already has a wonderful preschool teacher though, as I have mentioned, and so I guess I will be his activities coordinator! :) The first official meeting of Asher's Adventure Club went great! We just got to know each other, read about Curious George and some thank you notes he wrote, made our own thank you notes and played a whole lot. Oh and had snack. It was fun!

Next week everyone is coming in costume and we are doing lots of make-believe and maybe even trick-or-treating around our house a little at the end. We have to put something in the treat bags we will be making for craft time! (See what I mean? I have officially lost my mind. This is fun for me people!) I just want to make life fun for this little boy. He brings so much joy to our family and we want him to have fun and friends and learn to communicate with his buddies while he's enjoying himself! I can't get the image of his pleased little face at the Super Citizen ceremony out of my head.
Eek! What a happy day.

And in an unrelated topic, if anyone wanted their own random portable center-burning bonfire log you could try and make one, or you could just give your husband the absurd delight of buying one for him online!  He won't know what to say at first because did you actually spend $28 on this? (I thought it was $25 Plickas but on second look.... hahaha) But then he'll actually think it's the coolest thing ever and tell you to invite some pals over for a smores party! And then he'll wish we had a whole wood pile of them because they are rad. A $28 dollars well spent! :)
What other activities can I coordinate? I just got asked to switch my RS counselor responsibilities from lessons to activities... so actually, I think I'm good for now. If anyone has any RS ideas for me I am all ears! This activities coordinating business is getting to be a full-time job. I better go and, like, coordinate. See ya!


melissa said...

i am sooooo bad at coordinating activities! you don't sound too busy (you forgot to mention your job!) so can you coordinate some sub-zero activities for us, please????

kimball said...

Love the firelog. I'm gonna order one. Love brilliant idea of Asher's Adventures Club. Very fun way to socialize and communicate with friends.

Anonymous said...

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