02 January 2013

Jonah at two months.

Well, once again, he turned two months a couple of weeks ago when this picture was taken, but with the holidays and all................

So here's the stats from his 2-months check-up:
12lbs 7ozs. 25inches long
He sleeps a little more through the night!
He had his first ailment last week... diarrhea... caught it from the brothers.
He smiles a lot and has started to laugh and WE LOVE IT!
He still loves to sleep with Mama, but spends most nights swinging away and sometimes sleeps in his crib.
New Years Eve fireworks scared him so we stayed inside nursing and watching Netflix while the rest of the family enjoyed the neighborhood festivities.

Mama stats:
20lbs to go.
(My fancy BOB jogging stroller is scheduled to arrive TODAY! Hip-hip-hooray!)


Thomas said...

Jonah's face :D

Brittany said...

I love this picture steph! Your boys are so precious. I can't wait to meet Jonah!!