05 January 2013

Resolution 2013

I've had a lot of fun reading everyone's New Years resolutions over the last week. Ambrose wants to be the best rock climber ever and he's working hard at his goal! I really like making resolutions too and so I am not sure why I can't figure out what I want mine to be this year.

Obviously I have weight to lose so okay, fine, maybe that's it. But that is happening so slowly it's hardly exciting. I am running and stretching and kicking and abstaining for each little pound. One at a time. Not fun, but better than feeling embarrassed about the way I look.

Clearly I want to be more patient with my kids, but that doesn't just happen and you have to be so patient when you are trying to be patient and that's hard for impatient people. :)

I would like to read my scriptures daily, but I just need to actually do it. Even if a little at a time.

And wouldn't it be nice if I had everything organized and planned out with my church responsibilities and work responsibilities right this minute so it didn't take too much time away from my kids leading me to be cranky with them because they are getting in the way while I try and get something done for work or church?!

Does anyone else see a theme here?

I need one step at a time diligence this year.

That is my resolution.

I am not going to get any of this done right away. I have to watch what I put into my body and go for that walk or run, even when it's stormy out or I am tired, if I want the baby weight to melt off. One step at a time I will lose this weight.

Same with patience with my kids, reading scriptures, staying organized. It's all about making good choices, not taking the easy way out, and remaining diligent- one step at a time.


melissa said...

i appreciate you going through the effort to comment a laugh on my last post.

as for your post, it's good to hear from you as always. one step at a time is a resolution i need to take one step at a time. because i stink at it.

ps don't worry about not writing back as frequently as normal--babies don't keep but i'll always be here.

Anonymous said...

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