01 June 2013

Remember Easter?

I just ran across these pictures and wanted to have them here. Oh good old Easter candy and ham. Gotta have that ham once-a-year so you can have leftover ham sandwiches and then never need another slice of ham until next Easter.
Grandma Linda made the cutest bunny rolls:
Asher's ready to eat!
The night before we went to a Catholic baptism for our friend Corey in Makakilo. Demitri was shocked and Becky was happy and Thomas just fed Jonah a bottle.
It was actually very cool to sit through a Catholic Easter mass. I felt the spirit of it and enjoyed what we learned.
Our buddy Chandra does a yearly egg dying party and I love her for it. The boys do too!
I was co-room mom with my pal Ashley in the kindergarten class our kids are in. I went in right before Easter and read a story I loved as a kid and did a tasty little Easter snack activity with them. Here's an example of what we put together only this one is Asher's that I did with him after-school so he wouldn't feel left out.
It was fun and I love hanging out with all of Ambrose's spunky, cute friends!
Ok, there's Easter 2013 for you... better late than never I guess.

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