30 May 2013

Summer Bucket List!

I have read three separate things this week demanding the necessity of a Summer bucket list and so why-the-heck-not?! Let's do this:

1. Waterpark Wednesdays! We may not make it every Wednesday with our homies, but I'd like to try.

2. Ward Camp! I may not love being in charge of stuff for ward camp, but I do love being there and I am so happy it's back on this Summer! A week out at the beach with non-stop fun and friends.

3. Read at least three non-work related books. This really seems like a sadly low goal for an English teacher, but I sure haven't had (or made) time for reading in the last year like I used to. I am taking a book with me wherever I go and I hope to crush this goal soon.

4. Sew something. Anything. I just miss sewing in my life.

5. Have an amazing stay-cation with my family! On the itinerary for the end of June: Temple Valley, new Monsters Inc movie, Aquarium, Magic Island & Ala Moana beach park day with the pop-up shade and a cooler, Pearl Harbor, waterpark, Makapu'u lighthouse hike, Bubbies mochi ice cream and boat watching, and Bishop Museum. Whew. It's gonna be good and you are invited!

6. Watch the Joseph Smith movie at the temple visitors center as a family.

7. Swim lessons at Gunstock Ranch!

8. Smores bonfire for my birthday. That and a beach day and a family photo shoot with Marina is all I want that day.

9. Friday Beach Days! Every friday at a different beach each month with my ward and whoever else wants to join.

10. Go on a date with my husband. At least once, but maybe more- HA! Can you tell we have a baby? I'd just like to get out with him and go anywhere. To the temple would be awesome too!


melissa said...

i'm with you on #10. and #8. and i wish #9 but no such luck.

i just read (finished two minutes ago) crossing to safety by wallace stegner. i surprisingly loved it. i think i'm even going to blog about it.

Emily said...

I am with you for all of it...can we just do squeeze it all in before July 11.

Thomas said...

Can i join in?

echo said...

the cup of tea sewing society needs to have a gathering!
and i wonder if it would be too hard to continue books and broads online style? seems difficult but i like the idea of it.