27 May 2013

Jonah at 7 months.

Jonah turned 7 months last week!

I guess that means he's really a member of the family now. We've tried him out for quite some time and we will most definitely keep him.

You know how annoying it is when people say they have the perfect baby? It's usually the baby you see fussing all the time anyway. Well I can say without any bias or attachment that if you are looking for the perfect baby: the search is over! :)

Actually we had dinner with friends last night and he had missed his last nap of the day and fussed because of it- but we are all so smitten with this very easy-going, squishy boy and so our entire family and group of friends are blind to these fussy times. He's just so sweet and pinchable and seriously goes with the flow-- but yes, he does best when we make sure he gets those naps.

7 months stats:
-Sleeps in the boys room so that room is officially packed with boys.
-Goes to bed at 7pm on the dot, fusses at 3am to be fed and quietly goes back to sleep when put back in his crib after, sometimes wakes up another time, but when he's not teething he usually sleeps until almost 8am.
-Is teething! Man those top teeth are insistent. He, being perfect (heh heh), takes it well and slobbers his way through it while biting anything he can get his mitts on.
-Screamed when Asher took a toy from him for the first time yesterday. That's never happened before so it was funny.
-Doesn't love rice cereal, tolerates bananas, and really enjoyed sweet potatoes.
-Still takes a bottle, but loves nursing with Mama the most.
-Does push-ups and can shift around in circles using his feet.
-Is smiley and popular wherever he goes.

Mama Stats:
7 more pounds to go! I got comfortable and have been stuck here for a bit. Time to get back to regular exercise!

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