25 August 2013

Jonah at 10 months!

Life is completely flying by me right now and sometimes I feel like I have zero control except for to throw my hands up and submit fully to the care, discipling, and feeding of these three boys. That must sound awful, particularly to anyone who doesn't have children of their own, but it's what I signed up for so I am ok with it. It's just an adjustment.

So much energy, so much time, and so much worry goes into these little boys.

And above all - I hope so much love too.

I love them so much. It wouldn't be worth all the unshowered days, effort, and personal sacrifice if I didn't also completely love the heck out of these boys.

Someday I will have a clean house, more time for my looks and hobbies, and a lower level of activity and noise in my house, but I only have this time now to hold soft little hands, and smooth sweaty wisps of hair, and those cheeks. Cheeks for days people. That is payment enough.

I am doing my best to enjoy it.

Jonah's 10 months stats:
-Pulls to standing and takes steps holding on to things
-Still prefers dragging and scooting and army crawling to the few half-crawls he has actually done
-Is nearly weaned due to multiple painful nursing mama infections- this is a sad point for me- but we still nurse once each night and I cherish that time- I will probably end that this week
-Gets into EVERYTHING and is never content to sit still unless daddy is taking him for a walk in the stroller
-Says, "bu-buh-byyy" as he waves bye-bye
-Will imitate a "WooWoo" when you say woof-woof around dogs
-Loves to eat all foods so far


melissa said...

hey mother type. i am not looking forward to getting hectic. i like non hectic. maybe i'll just forbid my children any fun.

Audra said...

You boys are absolutely adorable! My ella isn't far behind, I didn't realize our babies are so close it age!

Thomas said...

buh, bye <3