23 March 2014

Hi Blog.

Hi Blog-

Does anyone blog anymore? Not even me. ME! I used to blog everyday like it was my job and now not at all. It's too bad too because my kid's lives were really well documented during that time and I had a space to organize my thoughts and obsessions.

Maybe I should again.

Instagram is so much easier.

But I still like you blog.

Yes, I am talking to you blog. Even though your name is blog- I like ya.

Until next time,



Anna K. said...

You should blog again!! I am trying to start too.

melissa said...

hey wow, a blog post.

i still blog. did you even know? do you even remember my url? i try to quit all the time.

modestmuse said...

Start blogging again! I think I am going to when we get to our next post. I like it just for the documentation of our lives, fun to look back on. I don't even understand the Instagram thing whatsoever, so just blog!!! :)

Rachel said...

I tried posting from my phone and I don't think it went through...but, yes keep on blogging! I still blog...not as much, but I try. p.s. delete my extra comments if they did go through, it would be just so annoying to have so many comments from me. Also, A Young Doctor's Notebook on Netflix! Daniel Radcliffe and Jon Hamm! It's bloody, but sort of adorable so far.

Thomas said...

<3 <3 <3

Christina said...

I came across your story book club video via the Kealakai today and you are amazing!!

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