08 December 2015

I found this on a crumbled up piece of paper on the floor.

It's Halloween 2015,
we trick-or-treat from home to home and my costume feels like foam.
People are so dumb,
I think that guy is chewing gum!
People gave us lots of candy,
that guy's dressed like Handy Manny.
Every person's dressed like something,
except for people who aren't coming.
I am Ambrose,
the awesome guy,
and also the handsome guy.

Football players and knights,
even mosquitos that give you bites.
Every costume's interesting,
even if you're a king!

-Ambrose Carl Robertson
October 2015


kiri said...

That is so cute and creative! Kids are amazing!

Thomas said...

Keep blogging! ❤️

kimball said...

Thanks for publishing!