29 November 2016

Tried and True Part Two!


Some of you were a part of the "Tried and True Recipe Book" Thomas and I put together 9 years ago. I want to make a new collection of "favorites"! I don't know if I will have it all formatted for printing/emailing by Christmas, but I would love for this to be the Christmas gift we give each other. I used the last copy like crazy for many years- still do actually -but I think we need something fresh! 

If you're new to this welcome! I had this crazy idea to compile recipes from people I love several years ago and as a result many of us suddenly had a whole book full of family favorites to whip up real quick for potlucks, quick weeknight meals, or just for fun. 

I really want to re-claim dinner for my family in 2017 so here we go!

If you need a reminder (it has been nine years after-all!) here are the general guidelines:

1. Categories: 
-salad/side dish
-main course
(This of course can include crock-pot meals, freezer meals...whatever!)

2. These need to be tried and true family favorites! They do not need to be healthy, but they must be your go-to BESTS. Some of my favorites from the last book had very simple ingredients, but occasionally I would head to the grocery store with book-in-hand ready to make a more complicated dish and that was super fun too because I knew it was a favorite of someone I loved and so it was worth the effort! 

The other cool thing about this book is the contributors are all different ages, cultures, backgrounds, and we even got a couple guys submitting recipes too so the dishes are awesome stuff all around! Like what's your best mochi recipe or pizza dough, or your kid's favorite simple dinner everyone devours, or what salad do you toss together for lunch whenever you get the chance? What's your grandma's cultural family fave that just makes you happy to eat? We want it all!

3. Please submit at least one recipe from each category if you can, but if you have two or three we just HAVE to try then by all means yes please send them too. The last book had a good variety. Some people sent in many recipes that have become our go-to family favorites. Every time I take a dish to a gathering or make something for company... it has come from the old book. I love it.

4. Send your recipes in an email (attachments and pdfs are hard to edit or time consuming), but please don't format it crazy with weird fonts or all in CAPS or something. It makes for a lot of work when I go to compile everything if we all have a different look. I will be using Times New Roman 12 font single spaced. The title of the recipe I will put in bold so you can do all that too if you want to save me some time. If we all do these basic things the formatting stage will be so quick and easy!
12 font 
Times New Roman
single spaced
bold title (no underline or italics)

5. I love little anecdotes about the recipe to include in the book- just keep them brief please so it is affordable to print! :) I am 99 percent more likely to use a printed recipe book. E-books are good too, but it's so much easier to cook when you don't have to keep refreshing your phone screen!

OK- LMK if you have any questions! THE DEADLINE is December 12 so think it over for a couple of days then just send it to me at stephaniexrobertson@gmail.com

If this is totally not your thing- you're weird- but ok! ;) heh heh but trust me you want this. It's your new best friend. Promise!

Tried and True Part Two! Woo hoo! 

PS- Pass this along to anyone I may have missed who you want recipes from and I will make sure they are all in one neat book. Go team!


star said...

I just pulled out my copy of Tried and True yesterday! I love the idea of a part 2! I need some new ideas! Way to go my friend Stephanie! ❤️

kiri said...

Oooh! This is fun! And hard! I'm very indecisive. Haha And forgetful. I need to put a reminder on my phone.

melissa said...

Hey. So you said on Polo today something about "back when there were blogs" or something. So I checked yours. And I still blog. FYI. xxoo