16 May 2008

my dad is basically the coolest

my cute dad sent this to me today (maybe in response to my musical post yesterday). he was always a cool dad. sometimes we would get into his car and turn it on and some really awesome rock song would be on really loud- i love that. we would always go on these camping trips and blast cream, jimi hendrix, and led zeppelin..etc. the whole way there. that is such a vivid memory of mine: swirling around these steep mountain/coastal roads with "sunshine of your love" or "immigrant song" filling up the whole car with exciting energy. papel, you are cool and i love you.


echoallred said...

awesome dad. awesome video. i have a strange secret love for jack white. i mean, he is not cute or anything but for some reason he is. does that make sense? anyway, awesome video. awesome dad.

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

i know what you mean! he is not traditionally hot but very good looking in a talented, musician sort of way.

diana said...

don't you think this would be good with an orchestral section? u know something like eleanore rigby......jk!

malia said...

hey guys!
i used to go to high school with thomas and found your blog through amy (smith) rodriguez blog. hope you guys are doing well!
i love your blog...very creative. hope ya don't mind me looking at your blog every now and then!
take care.

The Prigmore Family said...

I think it's because I like seeing our name in print. Miss you!