22 July 2008

remember when things were going well?

as i sit here typing this, let's pretend that i look put together and calm like this:

instead of staring reality in the face: i.e.- wearing the same shirt i wore and slept in yesterday, two days unshowered, hair piled on top of my head in a ponytail/bun/whatever you call this nest of hair, no bra (why do i share these things?!), eating laffy taffys and grapefruit all day mess. in the backgnorud: "DOOOOOOOO! DAHHHHHHHHHH!" clomp, crash! "DOOOOOOOO! DAHHHHH!" tumble, crash! i think he's pulling things out of the trash, pronouncing their grim fate, and then throwing his toys at them. i have been a tired little slave to this being who has kidnapped my child and taken up shop in his remarkably strong body. i am just giving in to it.

he's planning his next mutiny, i can hear the devious silence in the next room! :)

yes, we went to the doctors yesterday and he has some stuff going on that we will try and take care of before leaving thursday night. i wonder what part of his rotteness the last two days is sickness that warranted a prescription for antibiotics, antihistamine, and pain reliever and what part of his bratiness is due to the fact that i have not let him leave the house for two and a half days straight? maybe both.

at any rate, happy, patient mommy is gone. the current mommy is hiding out in her bedroom typing this as her peripheral vision spots the little monster clicking a pen and waving it threateningly around his face and the walls.

...ok, took a break from typing to get said pen from his tight clutches, peel his tantruming body off the floor, change antibiotic induced poopy diaper (for the fifth time today), got him a sippy cup of ice water and put him promptly down for a nap.

well, i guess i should wrap this complaint up and get a nap in while he is snoozing.

let's remember the good times shall we:
i hope ambrose returns soon. this pod baby is entertaining to a point, but i like my real baby much better.


Melissa said...

can i just tell you that you make me laugh so much?
hahaha! pod baby. good one.
so sad that you guys will be gone. but yes, we will celebrate again, when you guys get back.

I can bring the book over. i'll call you later.

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

yes call- i'll need to put on a bra and maybe re-configure the nest of hair into a less disheveled bun if someone is coming over!

The Cutlers said...

YOu crack me up! I am sorry your little baby isn't feeling so well. It is the pits... thats for sure! I hope you have fun in California!

Seth & Linds said...

you are a good mom and I like hearing your mommy stories.

I need to get that invitation to you. I don't mind dropping it off at all. Or if its easier to pick it up thats cool too, just let me know:)

Anna K. said...

Oh Stephanie! You are an awesome mom! I'm gonna be sad when you are gone. I want to hang out more...when you get back i'll be working again, but only until 2 so I guess we'll still have time to hang!

Alameda Pixton Family said...

Nothing brings chaos like sick kids!

StepheLynne said...

I'll have to see if my husband has any big plans for that week, and I'll let you know which day works best! Is this the best way to keep in touch? My email is stephelynne@aol.com if that helps!

Diana said...

though i'm laughing i really feel for you. i recognize the frazzled mommy all too well. she's the one i avoid looking at in the mirror all day.

tell ambrose i said to shape up! although its pretty hard to stay upset with someone so adorable.

Becky said...

Haha! Connor is not sick, and he acts like that all the time now. Let's hope that this will end when Ambrose is better. ;-)

Brady and Rachel said...

Hang in there Steph. You are such an amazing mom. I love the way you write, especially Brady. He says he finds your family's blog SOOO entertaining because you are such a great writer. You make it so we can visualize so well what is going on. Camden seems to be going through a similar time. I feel like he whines and cries constantly over every little thing. i keep thinking he is just lacking sleep, but I can't figure out how to get him to sleep more. I finally noticed yesterday he is getting his two year old molars on the bottom but he says they don't hurt, so I don't know that is adding to any of the tantrums. What is up with him?!!! AHHH Hang in there and so will I. Hope you have/had a great time in Cali. I think I'm ready for a vacation by myself. Is that even possible? Brady had a nice week break from the boys and I while I drove 14 hours each way with them to Utah. When do I get my break though? Lets go on a vacation!

Audra said...

Sorry he is/was sick! Since this is an old post, I hope he better by now. I just think you write so well and illustrate your point so clearly!

Emily said...

That was funny. hmmmm hmmm hmmm.

Ashley said...

That's an awesome story. Totally looking forward to when Van has an alter-ego.