06 July 2008

that thomas

last night i took my cousin megan to an upstanding youth show. it was so fun to be out and carefree for a night. megan and i walked all around finding delicious natural food and talking and talking and talking. it was very refreshing. i enjoyed watching the band play but i was so tired by that time (what was it- like 11 pm or something- watch out) that we took off after the first set. before i left i was chatting with thomas and i must have been feeling sassy so i said, "yeah, the band sounded good. i think i'm going to take up a time consuming hobby now. maybe i'll be in band..." he said, "we'll have scheduling conflicts. that wont work. plus, you already have a time consuming hobby." now this was about to get interesting. i looked at him in disbelief and shouted back, "oh really? i do?" and he said yeah, "you're raising a child!" haha- oh that thomas. how right he is.


The Katoa's said...

It is amazing how very much time these kiddos take! But, this is the greatest hobby ever!!

KristenE. said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Sorry for the crazy laugh, but you have NO idea how much Adam and I have a conversation like that! I totally know how you feel =o)

Btw, what ever happened to that band we made up on our first trip to maui? You on the drums, echo on the keyboard, and myself on the sax. Now THAT would be something.

p.s. I found an awesome salon that's totally Japanese. I totally wanna go sometime.

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

becky- i still have vela'sawesome announcement up since i love it so much and my cousin just visited and was commenting on it too- what a cutie!

kristen- i thought you would like that! ;) by the way- that japanese salon- let's go! (is it the one i got the great asian cut at last summer- if so i am in love!)

Audra said...

You take amazing pictures! Such cute shots!