25 August 2008

are you in?

i found this site online that lists all the races/walks...etc. on oahu and it is pretty cool.

anyway, i went through the calendar and looked first, for all the oahu listings

next i had to weed out all the events on sunday

and lastly, i crossed off all the triathalons, marathons, and swims... those are not the areas i can succeed in unfortunately- not at this juncture anyway.

so: that leaves me with three walks/runs i want to do in sept, one in october, and three in november (there wasnt anything besides the honolulu marathon in december.)

are you in? you want to do it with me? dont feel like you have to be good or fast, i am not since i am inconsistent when it comes to this sort of thing, but hopefully planning for this will make me (and maybe you too) more so.

we can still be friends if this isnt your cup of tea, but it sounds like fun and i am going to start signing up soon so lemme know!


echo said...

you can totally count me in!!!!

Melissa said...

definitely in!
what site is this? I wanna look up the dates and prices and stuff.

Stephanie J. Robertson said...


the first one is this coming up holiday for hinamauka (a rehab center) and the cost per person is $25 unless you want to raise money as a team, but i would rather just pay the individual $25... i struggle with fundraising :)

echo said she wanted to do that one so i will send you both the link so you can register. and, like i told echo, we dont have to actually run together - i am not good at that- but we can go together and stuff which will be way fun!

KristenE. said...

I'm glad you will still be my friend if I don't go. Therefore, I will admit I am hopeless when it comes to run/walks. Now a bake-off, pie eating contest, hot dog eating contest, candy eating contest, anything eating contest you can count me in. All joking aside, I know you'll rock it!!! You are one of the most hot body looking sassy mamas I know! I believe in you!

lizzie said...

I'm in for October and November. Just tell me how far you are running on what days and I will run the same distance here in Brooklyn.

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

oh lizzie- that would actually be really really cool!

Diana said...

i'm in.



liko said...

this is the kind of stuff i need to get into, to stay healthy and motivated...i will TRY to commit. see you friday?

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

diana, join from across the sea like lizzie!

liko- see you friday for sure and let's get runnin'! :)

In.A.Nutshell said...

i'm in. i think. i'm wishy washy. i don't run well, and i'm cheap. i walk well ... still cheap.

i think i'm in.