02 September 2008

here's the next one

Wednesday, September 17, 2008 @ 11:30AM
Camp Smith 5k Grueler
"Race over to Camp Smith for the Camp Smith 5K Grueler, and show the mountain what you're made of. The 5-K foot race takes diehard runners throughout Camp Smith’s rugged mountainous terrain beginning at the panoramic Bordelon Field. If you think you can handle the race, you are in for a visual delight. High above the Pearl Harbor basin, this race will treat runners to scenic vistas, from Honolulu to Ewa Beach."

register here : www.mccshawaii.com/cgfit.htm

this one is only $20- sounds tough, but good. i'm all signed up. see you there if you want to do it. if not, see you elsewhere some other time ;)


modestmuse said...

You're masochistic. Any race with the name "Grueler" in the title and that involves mountains is out of the question for me. I always say "I don't do inclines." Enjoy and good luck!

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

i know, i'm truthfully a little concerned, but i think i will treat it like a hike or something and tell myself that it is ok to walk some and just enjoy the experience.

Matti said...

Oh, for real!! I really wish I could. For several reasons... A:If I could that would mean I am not sick anymore. B: If I was still running that would mean I am not fat anymore. ;-) Good luck though my dear!