29 September 2008

a cough in the night

is it possible that my baby got a cough/cold at his well baby check-up last week?


no shots, just a cough that dictated our whole weekend.

we still went to the beach twice on saturday though... was that responsible? it cheered him up the second time we went. the first time he was too tired.

luckily october doesnt start until wednesday so ambrose and mama dont have any work to do for two whole days. we'll be hanging around home and going to the beach when we feel crazy (maybe we'll be going to the beach a lot then).

get well soon amby boy.


Roeckers said...

We've had something roam through our household as well. If you're looking for someone to blame you can send you blame this way.

Of course, I'm not sure logically how that all happened.

In any case take Grandma Hill's advice and wash your hands like you've got OCD. It should help keep it from spreading around a bit.

For us it lasted about a week and three days of it sleeping was a bit uneasy. So if little-man might be getting a bit cranky soon.


snbjork said...

Oh, the dreaded cold and cough. Alton started with that a week and a half ago. Passing it to Barry, then Evelyn, then me. We're still fighting it! I think half of our Primary was at home sick yesterday (and we have a big group), so it's definitely "going around."

I hope he feels better soon!

P.S. I think going to the beach is a great remedy for the cold. You know, all that fresh, salty air. Good for the lungs! I wish I could doddle to the beach, but it would take a good 6 hour drive. I'm glad you're enjoying it!

The Dillinghams said...

We've had colds too...it's starting again! I think pediatrician's offices do give off lots of germs. I'm alwasy trying to keep Dane from playing with the toys in there! Hope he feels better and you don't catch it!

echo said...

thanks for the fun day today!

Melissa said...

well then, lest make our way to the beach together before you start working up a storm again!

KristenE. said...

PLEASE come over tonight for project runway. Whenever your hubby gets home, come on over!