19 November 2008

can i get a little mushy up in here? do you mind? thanks.

ok, just like my hip friend lizzie, who i look up to and admire as someone i want to be like when i grow up (graduating with her masters in journalism and creative writing from NYU pretty soon... sounds like my dream life. and she's a mom too and she's just cool), I TOO HAVE MY OWN VAMPIRE LOVE.

except for, unlike her, i am nerdy enough to not only have read all four twilight books, and not only have loved every page of each of them, but i am the proud ticket holder of the MIDNIGHT SHOWING OF THE MOVIE this thursday night... yes, me, the 13 year olds, and all the other moms (i can give you names, i'm not alone here). it's lame, and oh-so-fun. when was the last time you were swept away in your very own fantasy?

but back to how i am kind of like my cool friend lizzie.

i am lucky. i live with and love my very own edward cullen (the dreamy lead male character in the novel you have no doubt heard a bunch of desperate housewives sickeningly pine over... i'm kinda one of those too. i'll admit it.) think about it. he's pale, he's dark, he's sensitive, he's musical, he's cool, he's thoughtful, he's perfect... for me that is! and look at those eyes: he's gonna kill me for this since he hates attention, but this is my blog and i'm telling my story and here it is. i married my dream man and while i am reading an impossibly mushy love/adventure story it doesn't hurt that he not only resembles the character but frequently acts like him too.

last night i was staying up late billing and i was cranky because staying up late made me feel nauseous. pregnant women have to be careful of these sorts of things. so i worked until i couldnt stand it anymore and then brushed my teeth and stumbled over to our room. this was all a little after 1 AM. i opened my bedroom door and was immediately hit by the thick dreamy air, the noise of the fan and the pitch dark that my eyes hadn't adjusted to yet. so of course, i immediately tripped over whatever was right next to the door and thomas bolted up from his sleep and said with a very half asleep and concerned voice, "are you ok??" "yeah, just tripping over something in the dark," i said in an irritated voice as i wobbled over to the bed and he lifted the covers for me to climb in. it's warm in there and my legs and feet are cold. (and in this way he is nothing like stone cold edward luckily) so i put my icy feet up against his warm legs and feet and he rubbed them in his sleep and his hand finds mine and holds it next to his face.

i am not irritated anymore in this warm cocoon.

"love you," i apologize. "love you too," he whispers in his sleep. we happily drift off to dreamland. :)

today i am thankful that i have my own edward.
what a dream.


liko said...

ah, my favorite time of day -- snuggling up with the hubby in a warm, comfy bed. and he's my personal heater, too. and i love how you mention he doesn't like attention. husbands are funny like that, huh? hehe. i'm so excited for tuesday!!!

echo said...

oh tommy boy. so sensitive.
i am sure he is rolling his eyes over and over as you compare him to edward. if he only truly understood how cool it is to be compared to him.

lizzie said...

Really, Stephanie, it's a point of pride not to get involved at this point. I said I wouldn't and I'm sticking to it. I'm stubborn like that. Someday, when the hype has died down, I'll probably sneak away and read them on the sly. Or maybe I'll just make my daughters read them and tell me all about them. :)

Oh, and maybe I'm also a little bitter because I've heard that there are a few groups of women in my ward going to the mid-night showing as well but I sure as heck wasn't invited. That's really why I have to remember that I'm living out my own Edward fantasy only Edward is Micah and Micah is way hotter than Edward.

And he smells better too. :)

Shauna said...

hee hee. I remember when Thomas used to come climb into my bed when I was half asleep. Okay, nobody freak out . . . he was 1 and I was 11, and he was my sweet little baby brother! He still is my sweet not-so-little baby brother, but now he's all yours, Bella, I mean Stephanie, although it is kind of funny to hear you talk about him that way. I just love you both, and I'm so glad that you found each other!!!

I'm not going to the midnight showing, but I did find some friends to go with on Friday -- my Mia Maids!! I'm almost as excited as they are. Okay, just as excited ;)

Roeckers said...

two are so stinkin cute!

star said...

Yay for mush! You know I'm all for that! I'm so glad you love your Tom. I love my Jeff.

Life with the Rich's said...

hahaha. I liked that post. I haven't read the books, but my mom has and she's old. Don't worry I don't think you'll be the oldest person at the movie premier.

Aren't husbands so funny about mushy stuff and giving them attention?
Husbands are great!

I just noticed your blog layout is different. I like it. You've probably had it changed for a while now. I'm just slow.

Melissa said...

I kinda felt like Chad was my Edward when I was reading the book too. he was such a charmer when we were dating. and he could get anyone to do anything for him. That reminded me of Edward.

I hope you and all the other moms have fun! I'll be there too, if I can find tickets. I was searching right before I checked your blog. The ladies around here decided today that we were going to the midnight showing...and I just found some for the windward mall. Is that where you guys are going?

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

we will indeed be at the windward mall midnight showing... with spray painted black shirts too... so- LOOK OUT! come with!

Thomas said...

I was kind of expecting to hear that everyone else was also thinking of me when they read the books. Way to be let down.

Jonathon said...

thanks for the info on the bookclub dear friend!! I hate being out of the loop. ;-)

Our Family! said...

I've got my midnight ticket! I got to meet Stephenie Meyer and get all my books autographed at a book signing (all my young women now think I'm cool)

melissa said...

uh, where's the comment i made about this earlier?

you thought it was inappropriate, didn't you, steph? just because i said i had no idea what edward was like doesn't automatically disqualify me from commenting here does it?


Stephanie J. Robertson said...

whaaaaat? i saw no such comment... girl scouts honor!

maybe thomas deleted it in order to keep the mush alive??? take it up with him :)