20 November 2008

today I am thankful for this idea

I really want to get you something for Christmas because I like you! Ok, ok you can get me something too… fine.
Help me complete one of my projects from my little creativity book that I have been working on: a Family Favorites Cookbook!

My mom made one of these several Christmas’ ago for her four daughters and I live and breathe by it when it comes to the kitchen. She asked our aunts, friend’s moms and her friends for their family’s favorite recipes and then added our own family favorites on top of that.

It’s always better to try new recipes when you know they are tried and true family favorites of people you know and love right? I’m always looking through complicated recipe books, browsing online for new meal ideas…etc. and coming up a little disappointed in the end because either it was too hard, or not realistic or I just can’t find something I want to cook because I am not sure what I am finding will be any good after all that hard work slaving over the stove.
The beauty of my very well loved Family Favorites Cookbook is that I know all my friend’s moms, aunts and even my own mother have made all of these recipes a million times, their families love them, and they are generally pretty easily made. Even the ones that are slightly more complicated are well worth the effort (otherwise they wouldn’t be in there).

So this is where you come in! Let’s get each other the gift of good recipes this year. Here is my idea and what to do:
Email me at stephaniexrobertson(at)gmail(dot)com with all of the following items:

A main dish
A salad or side dish
A dessert

And here are the rules:

1. The recipes have to be tried and true, family favorite recipes. This means, put your womanly pride aside, no one will judge you if you have a great recipe for pigs in a blanket as opposed to filet mignon for your main course, because frankly the kids will love it way more anyway!
2. You may submit more than one main dish, salad or side dish, and dessert. Just don’t get too crazy…
3. If you are not proud of any recipes that you have and want to be a part of this anyway you can share recipes that are tried and true from your childhood. Give your mama or pops a call!
4. Type it up as a Word Document and email this document as an attachment
5. Send it to me by Wednesday December 10th at … midnight… how dramatic!

And that’s it! I will organize all the main dishes, salads, side dishes and desserts in their respective categories with the name of each person who submitted the recipe next to it and where they live so you can think of them (even if you don’t personally know them it will still be cool) every time you make their recipe. Then I’ll email the entire document back to whoever sends me recipes and we can each print out our own and put them together however we want. I think I’ll probably put mine in a binder with protective sheet covers or something.
I plan on sending out the recipes over that next weekend so you can have your gift in time for Christmas because maybe someone else’s family favorite will become yours and help you out over the holiday!

If I know you well and you don’t email me (sisters, sisters-in-law, mom, mom-in-law, cousins, dear friends around Hawaii and other loved friends on the mainland) I will harass you to do it so please save me and you the drama. You’ll be glad you did when you get a whole packet back of awesome ideas! Anyone and everyone can participate- even if you only stalk me from afar… chances are I stalk you too and have to do my best to play it cool and not ask you how you like that purchase you made last fall, if your significant other decided which grad school to go to and how your child’s teething is going every time I pass you in the community or on random trips to the mainland.

Hopefully this will be fun and really helpful to many of us who have to dream up ideas for dinner every night and find ourselves wishing we could just be sure that what we were making was good- Happy Holidays everyone- let’s give each other this gift!

PS- If you would like to go ahead and email me your mailing address while you’re at it (for Christmas cards of course) then that would be very helpful of you. Thanks!


liko said...

what a brilliantly great idea, steph! now i'm gonna think of which ones i'm gonna contribute!

echo said...

i will think about it and get back to you soon.

melissa said...

oh i'x excited (new contraction: i'x. what does it mean exactly?)

i will definitely email you, but i have to really think about it. i make some pretty good things (not to brag) (ok yeah fine, it's a blatant brag) but only a limited number, and i just can't think of anything else. so i'll make what YOU make for a while.

thanks dear

lizzie said...

I'll be sending in a few, but probably not until Dec. 10 at midnight, EDT. That's just how things are these days.

jill facer said...

um...hello. we made 'the' announcement on the "you might want to listen to this" post on 11/9.

guess you didn't listen. haha.

congrats to you too on #2. teach me everything. i am scuuured.

In.A.Nutshell said...

my enchiladas rock, so i'm excited to share them with the world.

and that's about the only thing i make that rocks, so i'm excited to see what others share.

and where in the crazy have i been??!!! 4 new posts!? i love them all and feel guilty for leaving this one blanket comment for 4 posts, but the truth ... the truth is that echo dropped off twilight yesterday and i have less than 100 pages left, so i'm going to get back to reading.

obsessed? yes.

Erin said...

you are so crafty! ily. i am TOTALLY gonna participate!

Carrie said...

Wow. This is pretty much awesome. I don't make anything that amazing but I'll try and think of something to contribute so i can get that enchilada recipe. I feel like I should make good enchiladas bc I live in new MEXICO for pete's sake.

So excited.

melissa said...

but seriously, what is that beautiful kitchen(s?) in the photos?

Life with the Rich's said...

great idea! I'll start thinking. I think I have more dessert ideas than anything else though.

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

mellie- i know right??? i mean, come on! i just searched online for kitchens that i want to have for my very own someday and chose (stole) these from random sites. it wasnt any site like, buy my kitchen... it was honest to goodness people who had remodled their kitchens... so i am creepy in other words... but i cant help it! i WANT these for my own so badly my teeth hurt...

KristenE. said...

Oh man.....I really wish I could contribute something awesome. Unless saimen counts, you can pretty much disregard any email response with any recipes from me. I pretty much lack all culinary talents. I'll let you know though. This sounds like a really good idea though and I would feel really bad if I let you down and didn't give you a recipe.

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

kristen my love! what about your g-ma or mama? anything from growing up in the islands... haha :) we need a little variety here! you might just be the missing piece we need.

ashley said...

totally in.
i am sure i will email you at 11:59 december 10th, but it will be worth the wait. hopefully.

Melissa said...

oh my goodness! I am in love with the kitchen in light blue!! that stove...that color!!! ahhhhhhhh!

ok I'm done freaking out. good idea!!! I read this earlier after your text, and Kaiya prevented me from being able to comment! I'm in too!

Melissa said...

and also see you tonight! we should all sit together.

I will see you there!!

Our Family! said...

Sounds fun. Who's totally cute kitchen is that? Or is it a a dream kitchen?

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

total DREAM KITCHEN that i have been drooling over- except i would add a stainless steel dishwasher and fridge with large freezer drawer and a big island in the middle for all my baking needs :)

that oven is my favorite favorite favorite though! i love mint/sea foam green... i love the term "sea foam" in general.