22 November 2008

rhyme time

runny nose
rainy winter day
thomas at doctors appointment
ambrose at play

saw twilight
again last night
went out with friends
girls talked boys into watching it in the end

boys pretended to hate it
male bonding is strange
secretly they liked it
admitted to spouses at close range

already four people have emailed me recipes
who will the next set be from
i really like this project
like thomas likes a drum

ive never been a poet
but this much i can say is true
today i am thankful for my life (even when im sick AGAIN)
and the joy that comes with it too


Melissa said...

nice rhyming friend! and does your blog look different?

darcie said...

dang! send that to the bella cullen project and they'll put it to music!

Life with the Rich's said...

man, you're a twilight maniac!

was is really good? Should i see it even if I didn't read the book?

Rhyming is cool,
Even if you're a mule!

ashley said...

why are you sick again? did i breath on you? is this my fault? ah. hope you get better soon my friend!

Carrie said...

That was awesome! I'm glad you coerced the menfolk into going. And I love when they pretend to hate something but secretly like it.

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

mel- yes, yes, changed it up- the old was too cluttery for me

darcie- haha! do you think they'd have me?? :)

sheila- thomas said that it was good but he said people who read the book would love it way more and he is probably right. if you pick that book up... you will be done in like two or three days- its fast.

ash- no. no- it could have been anyone/anything... it wasnt you. its a rule that you dont get sick when you bring someone dinner- it just wouldnt be right :)

carrie- so true. silly men.