08 December 2008

it's his turn now!

the hawkins girls always had this picture in our bedroom growing up. i love the sweetness of it so much.

a little while ago i ordered it from here for my children to have in their room as they grow up. it was delivered a couple of days ago and i cant wait until we get a good frame for it. i cant think of any better art work for my child's room and i hope he feels feelings of peace and happiness as i did when he looks at it. i dont know how much of what i try to teach him he even understands at this stage of life, but i think small things like putting a picture up on his wall are a step in the right direction.

it made me think of this encouraging quote from elder m. russell ballard:

"Our children do not grow to full physical stature suddenly. In like manner, their spiritual growth takes place over time. This development might be compared to erecting a block building. The walls are formed block by block with a strong mortar holding each block to the others. We could give these building blocks names, such as bedtime stories, listening to a child pray, tucking a child in bed at night, and a quiet review of the day’s activities. Other blocks could be pleasant dinner conversations, praise for tasks well done, birthday parties, and family outings. Others could be doing your chores, being kind to one another, reading from the scriptures together, serving others, and saying I love you. Still other blocks could be learning to work, taking responsibility, respecting elders, singing together, doing homework, attending Primary, and honoring the Sabbath day. Even larger blocks are family home evening, respecting and honoring the priesthood, and family prayer.

A vast array of such beautiful building blocks that are placed carefully can form a fortress of faith that the tidal waves of worldly distraction and evil cannot breach. These blocks are held together with a mortar called love: love of Heavenly Father and his Son Jesus Christ, love of parents, love for each other, love for choosing the good."

it's from 1991, but seems more relevant than ever in todays world. if you have a minute, i would really suggest going here for some uplift it made me happy and inspired today...hope it makes you happy and inspired too!


Roeckers said...

I love that photo too. My kids are convinced that it is there in their room, because there will be four kids in our family HA!
Ambrose will love it!

ashley said...

that quote is awesome. i think i need that framed on my wall. and the picture would be great for my girls wall too.

Todd and Alicia said...

My kids have that picture in their room too. I think it is precious. I need a few more copies for the other bedrooms now.

Melissa said...

I totally needed that.
i feel like i'm on the right path with some of those blocks, but have no idea where to start on others.

That quote is amazing, and I'm so impressed that you just know it in your head. I don't ever remember hearing it before, so thanks for introducing me. a new favorite for sure.

word verification is "waver" how fitting. we should never waver when it comes to teaching our children what is right. i know, i know, huge dork over here.

The Cutlers said...

That is great Stephanie. We personally have the aritcles of faith up with a picture of Christ in their rooms. My kids (well the two older) have all the way to number 10 memorized. It is great no matter what it is to have them able to feel their saviors love and to be reminded of Him in their lives at every moment while getting dressed, reading a book or going to bed at night! you're the best!

boo face mcjones said...

i had that same picture in my room! and then my mom found an extra 8x10 of it while they were moving that i am saving for my own kids (haha... someday... sigh)

melissa said...

i had that one, too, and so did nate. in fact, it's in our room right now.

my family always thought it was us...i was the blond girl and my sister was the brown haired one.

it makes me feel nice.

In.A.Nutshell said...

elder ballard is just wonderful. on of my mission companions met him and his lesson made her cry (a good cry) and after the class (he visited their seminary class) everyone was going up to talk to him, but she just sat there crying. he left the throng of people to approach her, and before saying anything he reached down and wiped her tears.

and addi has that pic in her room.

Natalie said...

I love that picture too. Mom always told me that I was the brown haired little girl and I felt extra special because I was the one Jesus was actually looking at! I still feel happy when I see that picture.

liko said...

love the Jesus with children pictures, and i love the quote by Ballard.