17 December 2008

never ending recipe updates :)

it's so nice to have kind and loving people in my life (all of you!) :)

we had thought about the pdf in the first place (but then i got frustrated with trying to do a table of contents last night because the format kept shifting and there were so so many pages!) so i think after all your confirmations we will just go with that and then everyone can choose which printing method they prefer- check out ali's idea on the previous comment section cuz that sounds awesome.

all the ideas are awesome really- thanks guys!

i will either do that or have it printed at byu-hawaii (there's always kinkos too).

but whatever you do- please please promise me you will print it because i know if it just stays on my computer i will never use it. it's a lot easier to cook with something in front of your face!

ok, aloha. expect results soon! (and im gonna put the first couple of pages up here this afternoon that explains who's who in the book- my tribute to you!)


liko said...

okay, whatever you decide, i will support. $ for printing or the pdf thing. not very helpful, eh?

snbjork said...

I'm with liko. Whatever is decided, I'm game. I'm just glad I don't have to do all the work, ha! Thanks again for doing this. I'm so excited to get a book full of new recipes!

ashley said...

i can not wait! i can't decide what to do, i think i want just the pdf, but then i want it all on paper, so i don't know... i will have to look into the byuh print services or kinkos.

but i do know that i can't wait!!!!!!!

The Cutlers said...

OKay did I miss something Stephanie? A cook book? Can I be a part... I want one. I LOVE cookbooks. I must have missed something.......

In.A.Nutshell said...

hello there same-named friend.

item 1: i'm a jerk because i didn't contribute.

item 2: i hope my jerkiness is somewhat diminished by the fact that i didn't contribute because i don't cook. seriously. don't. case usually does. i know. i'm pathetic. i organize ... but no so good about the cooking.

item 3: can i still have a cookbook? (said with pouty lower lip and over-sized, moist eyeballs)

item 4: i'm willing to donate monies to the cause.

item 5: i think 4 items was plenty. or is it were plenty ... it seems like it's was even though that sounds wrong. silly english grammar.