16 December 2008

the recipe book is a beast

it's done, but no one will use it (even though we spent hours on it and it is so AWESOME!) because it is like 90 pages long...

you heard that right.

so, after i threw my hands up in frustration tonight my dear husband stepped in once again.

he's gonna think it over and figure it out.

we're gonna make this work... maybe we'll have it printed up and see if that's better than printing it out in regular font all on our own (so much for DIY).

maybe not.

would you pay a few bucks for printing and shipping if it meant a workable, usable, published finished product? if it came to that we wouldnt do anything too fancy.

anyway, he's gonna think it over and we'll (he'll) figure this beast out.


Melissa said...

It would be awesome if there was an electronic copy of the book we could download, like a PDF. Then you wouldn't have to do all the work of printing and shipping. But if you find that works best, I would pay a couple of bucks for it.

also thank-you for the Christmas card. Your quite a little writer, I'm impressed by your skills.

Roeckers said...

Why not outsource some of the labor at this point.

Send me a copy of the nightmare and let me see if I can't PDF it for you in a workable format. It'll be easy to host from a blog this way, and folks can print off what they want.

90 pages!!! I thought you were suffering for recipes. I didn't know you had this many!!! Holy Cow!

I'd rather not pay for printing and shipping etc. That means that you've got to spend time finding a copy center that's going to do it right--like that cool spiral binding on the edge so you can lay the book all the way open--too much hassle.

Need help going digital--pass along a draft this way and I'll see what I can do. You've got my email.

Carrie said...

You poor thing! You have too many friends. :) I'd definitely pay for my copy of the compilation. I live for new recipes.

Audra said...

If you download open office, a free software that is similar to microsoft word, it lets you export a .doc to a .pdf

go to openoffice.org and download the 3.0 version, it is completely safe, legal, and free. we use it all of the time.

if you want to get them published i would be willing to pay some $$

Alison said...

I don't know how familiar you are with "blurb" - but you could slurp your 90 page creation, create a book (it's super easy) upload it to BLURB, send out the link to your friends and then they can purchase it from their site. Blurb will bind, print and ship. Yes, it will cost money... but I'd be willing to pay for a 90 page cook book filled with tried and true recipes. Blurb's prices aren't outlandish either. Just a suggestion.

modestmuse said...

I have no advice beyond what's been said, but I do love the new photos on the side of your blog!

Anonymous said...

how about burning it onto a CD?