16 December 2008

here's what we have been dealing with and what we know

sorry if i have kept some of you guessing. my cousin and family and some friends have been asking me about thomas' job.

we found out on thanksgiving day that the state cut most of the funding for his program due to this fabulous economy that we all get to be a part of nowadays. this would mean that the clients we service will no longer be getting the time and attention they obviously need, that about half the case managers at nsmh will be let go this holiday season, and that the job that will be available to those who get to stay on is going to be hard, stressful, and probably pay less.

i know my boss is not looking forward to letting people go, the clients are not happy about this, and we have been very worried and unhappy about this.

we were supposed to find out by monday the 15th whether we had made the cut or not. we feel like we might be ok since thomas is a hard worker, with a masters degree, who has been with nsmh for a long time in various capacities. but... there are quite a few people in the same exact boat and they can only keep so many... so we are ready to face what ever comes our way: a job that is harder and pays less, but is nevertheless a job or no job and moving on to something else.

it has been kind of sad from time to time around these parts and for some pregnant reason i am tearing up as i type this just because we have been through so many different emotions lately, BUT: we have each other, we have our health, we have our faith that everything will work out as it should no matter what, we have our testimonies, we have so much support through friends and family here and across an ocean... we have it good all things considered.

and we will let you know as soon as we know more. thank you so much for being so wonderful. we love you.

since i live my life through music, here is a song (in a fan made video) that amazingly describes exactly everything i feel about this whole situation (give it time to load if it needs to- it's worth the wait) i love modest mouse and HOW ON EARTH do they know me so personally... kinda scary. anyway, turn it up loud and enjoy. :)


Roeckers said...

We love you!

I'm sorry I asked. That must have been really hard to write. Emotional roller coasters are never fun, and although I've never been pregnant, I'm sure it doesn't help.

We'll keep praying for you. There are great things ahead.

Take care.


Melissa said...

I'm sorry. I know that is stressfull for you guys to deal with and i hope that you find out some good news soon.

I can't tell you how many times I have listen to that song in my life. i feel like they are singing about me too sometimes.

Roeckers said...

Couldn't sit still thinking about you. Figured I'd say something more:


Hope you don't mind too much.. :-)

diana palmer said...

modest mouse would be my religion if i didn't have one already. and for that very reason, i don't let myself be their number one fan.

but did you know i love the robertsons even more than i love modest mouse? oh no? well, i do.

modestmuse said...

Thanks for the update. I have been worried and wondering for you guys, but I didn't want to be too nosy. Keep us posted! You have a good attitude about it and I'm glad you know we are rooting for you!

snbjork said...

Frustrating times, to say the least! Especially with you being pregnant, too! Aren't you so grateful for faith, though? To be able to feel peace even through so many difficulties. Heavenly Father always takes care of our needs, even if it's not always in the way we would choose.

Thanks for sharing your trials with us so that we can pray for you, too.

Hema and Becky said...

That sounds pretty stressful! I hate job changes. They split the school district where Hema works and he is in a district department so we are waiting to hear if he'll have a job next year too. It's a bummer! Oh well! Hang in there! You are in our prayers!

The Prigmore Family said...

Sweet mother!! It's like you hate me or something withholding all this NSMH drama from me?!! I seriously cannot even imagine what is going on in the world of kehoes and DOE/DOH right now in that tiny office with the glorious view and not enough desks/chairs.

I hope Thomas makes the cut. But if he doesn't, things WILL work out. Perhaps he can start his own mental health empire...perhaps in san diego? There are a lot of crazies here.

Taylor said...

i didn't read this entry until a few minutes ago, but i wish i would have earlier, so that i could have told you that i never for one second doubted that thomas would be safe from all the cutbacks. i mean really, they kept kaliko, jeremiah, AND kama (who isn't even licensed). the kehoe's love you too much to do something like that to you guys! besides, who else can i share my crazy anecdotes about working in the office with? and believe me, i have a good one to share...