14 December 2008

i've been slaving over a hot... laptop... all day.

to get this fabulous recipe book out to you and yours truly.

it probably wont be done by tomorrow as previously hoped for... there's just so many of you cool kids! but that is a good thing. i love all the participation and deliciousness that's going on up in here.

so, it's back to sorting and organizing for me.

looking through all of these tasties you sent my way makes me wish i would have requested a sample of each in person. yum.

and just so you know, we went to the nsmh christmas party last night and despite the shaky nature of the employees these days (thank you hawaii state government and the economy... will my hardworking and smart husband have a job after this month? we find out tomorrow...) a grand time was had by all. and did you know that matti parker is a trained booty shaker? she was tearin up that dance floor like you wouldnt believe! i threatened thomas that if a slow song came on he would have to leave his seat and dance with me... but it never happened and so he took me to the movies afterwards instead.

but before we left i snagged TWO awards... count 'em: the fertility award (oh man, i guess i do keep getting pregnant on them) and the night owl award (thanks, but no thanks...haha) since i stay up all hours inputting line upon line of mundane data.

welp, enough stalling. expect to hear from me about your christmas gift shortly... but not too shortly (sometime before christmas for sure). :) adios!


liko said...

glad the party was fun! i bet it would've been awesome to see matti dancing! and i love your reading list. oh, steph, you inspire me -- so intelligent, beautiful, busy and a working mom and you READ. awesomeness personified.

darcie said...

that picture of ambrose below the night of the power outage is hilarious. what a hammy ham.

mrs. peterson said...

wow good luck thomas.

Roeckers said...

Fingers are crossed for you in OK.

Jake and I anxiously await some new recipe ideas. It has become quite routine in the dinner department.

Jonathon said...

I think someone must have slipped a little something into the punch. I couldn't taste much that night because of this stinkin' cold, but I tell ya...I had a piece of chocolate cake that seemed a little extra doused in liqour. Sure was a fun evening though!

ashley said...

hey, i have been thinking about you kids, so does he have a job? hope all that fun stuff works out alright for you guys. take your time with the recipes, you need your sleep my friend. and congrats on the dundies (i hope you watch the office and that makes sense)!

Alli said...

Thanks for all the hard working you are putting into this project!

Taylor said...

you can thank me for the 'certificate of fertility'. before it was just a normal certificate of award, but i jokingly turned to carol and suggested a 'certificate of fertility' and she loved it!

oh and that saffron seafood thing was amazing. so was the shallot chicken. yum.